What do I need to use the Carvey?

The Carvey requires Easel, an online web app used to create a design and print to the Carvey. Log on at http://easel.com. An Inventables account is required to use the app. You can design your carve on any computer with an internet connection, but once it’s time to carve, you’ll need a laptop to keep connected to the Carvey for the duration of the carve. Designs are saved to the cloud to make this process seamless.

The Easel web app for Carvey

You’ll also need the right material. Carvey can accept aluminum, copper, MDF fiberboard, plastics, acrylics, woods, linoleum, foam, molding wax, PCB, and more. You do need to make sure that the piece of material you’re working with is no larger than 11.6” long, 8” wide, and 2.75” tall. If it is, you can ask The Garage staff for help cutting it down to an appropriate size with our saws. The Easel software automatically changes the Carvey’s settings for much of the materials listed above. If you can’t find the material in Easel, ask a member of The Garage staff for the proper manual settings to use to ensure the carve is successful.

Some of the materials the Carvey can carve

The last components you need are located in the bit box, stored in the blue cabinet below the right Carvey. Here you’ll find the bit to carve the material with, the wrenches for switching out the bit, and the pieces you’ll need to secure the material to the build plate. Securing the material properly is imperative for a successful print.


The Carvey bit box. All necessary tools for switching out the bit and securing the material to the build plate are located here


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