What do I do if the final Carvey cut doesn’t fully cut through the material?

Sometimes, the material or build platform is slightly warped and the Carvey doesn’t properly carve the depths it should. If you intend to carve the full depth of your material, you can solve this by putting a piece of waste material below your actual material and setting the depth of your design slightly thicker than you need. Make sure the depth of the material you set is now the depth of both materials.

For example: here, a ¼” wasteboard was placed below the ¼” piece that was intended to be carved. To ensure the top piece was fully cut through, the material dimensions were set to ½” on the Z axis and the depth on the rectangles was set to slightly more than ¼”, such as .28”. This cuts slightly into the wasteboard, ensuring the entirety of the top material’s depth is cut through.

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