How do I start my Carvey cut?

Before starting your carve, a few things are important to keep in mind. Make sure your design does not overlap with the metal clamp at the bottom left of the Carvey, or with the plastic tabs you use to secure the material. Also make sure you use the right size of metal steps, plastic tabs, and screws to secure the material snugly. You should have plastic tabs on the right and top sides of the material.

Important considerations before carving.

Once your design is complete, ensure you have Easel on a laptop that you can connect to the Carvey through the USB cable in the back of the machine. If you have the driver downloaded and the connection is successful, the “Carve” button in the top right should be green. Once you click this, Easel will guide you through setting up the Carvey for a carve. All the materials you’ll need can be found in the bit box stored in the cabinet below the right Carvey.

You should keep a careful eye on the Carvey for the duration of the carve in case anything goes wrong.

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