What do I do when my Form2 print finishes?

Always wear gloves when removing and finishing your Form print. Gloves are mounted on the wall in the makerspace. Caution should be used when dealing with wet resin and the 99% isopropyl alcohol.

All necessary steps for what to do when your print finishes can be found here: http://formlabs.com/support/finishing/basic-finishing-steps/

If you are using flexible, tough, or durable resin, there are additional, mandatory steps to follow from this article: How do I post-cure my print?

Keep in mind that small prints and prints with thin walls should spend less than 20 minutes in the alcohol tanks. No print should spend more than 20 minutes total within the tanks.

The left tab of the website has many more additional pages of support for making your final print look even more polished. We supply sandpaper in the electronics workbench, and mineral oil in the cabinet below the Form printers for polishing your print.

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