How do I use Oculus Touch?

The best way to learn how to use Oculus Touch is to open the Touch tutorial. Navigate to “Library” in Oculus Home, scroll down to Tutorials, and start the Touch tutorial. You can also try First Contact, an entertaining and visually stunning showcase of the potential of hand presence in […]

How do I remove my print?

Once your print is completely finished, you can remove the build plate by simply sliding it forward. You can use the metal or plastic scrapers to remove the raft from the platform. If you tear the blue tape in the process, then you should remove and replace it. Otherwise, you […]

How do I start my print?

Double check that you’ve followed the instructions here and here The first option is to connect your computer to the printer through USB and click “Print” on your prepared file in Makerbot Desktop. The second option is to take a USB drive with your file on it and plug it into […]

How do I prepare the Makerbot to print?

The Replicator requires a layer of blue tape to cover the build platform before you can print. You should find the tape hanging with the filament colors above the printer. If there’s already a layer on top of the platform, and it doesn’t have any tears or large blemishes, then it’s […]

How do I prepare my 3D file to print?

To print a 3D file on the Makerbot, you need to use their proprietary software, Makerbot Desktop. You can access this program on the iMac in the Makerspace, or you can download it on your computer: If you don’t have a file to print already, you can find a […]

How do I change the filament?

It is easiest to use the color that is already in the printer, but if you need a specific color for your print, you can go through the unloading and loading process to change it out. Unloading the filament: To unload the filament, navigate to the “Filament” section on the […]