How do I set up Oculus Rift + Touch?

The VR Lab is designed to make using the Oculus Rift + Touch incredibly easy. All you need to do is unlock the Oculus cart and pull it out toward the circular rugĀ in the VR Lab lounge. You can then remove the Rift headset from the cart, as well as the two Touch controllers. You may need to swap out the AA batteries in the controllers. We have rechargeable batteries in the cart, and you can replace them by opening the magnetic slot on the back of the Touch controller. Remember to place the batteries that you’re exchanging in the charger. All three sensors that enable room-scale VR experiences are already mounted around the VR Lab and wired into the cart.

Do not move the cart more than a few feet from its original position against the wall. Because the USB cables all run from the ceiling into the cart, you risk disconnecting or damaging them by moving the cart too far. For optimal use, it’s only necessary you move it a couple feet closer to the rug, so the headset’s wire can reach the entire play space.

The computer is installed backwards in the cart for maximum port access, so to access the power switch, you’ll need to unlock the back of the cart. Once you turn the PC on, open Oculus Home and the Rift + Touch should be ready to use. Keep in mind the play space roughly follows the rug’s outline, especially because the headset cable is short, so don’t venture too far while in VR, and be on the lookout for the play space boundaries that appear in a grid in VR when you’re too close to the edge.

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