How do I connect the DK2 to the gaming computer?

The contents of the box should appear as they do in the photo.

Below are all the contents that are necessary for setup:

  1. Oculus Rift DK2
  2. Positional Tracking Camera
  3. Camera Stand
  4. Leap Motion (optional)
  5. Cleaning Cloth
  6. USB Extension Cable (optional)

The first step is to set up the positional tracking camera (2) by inserting it into the stand (3). Secure the stand to the top of the monitor. You want the camera directly facing wherever the headset will be (depending on the user’s height). The camera has two cables: the USB cable and sync cable. Plug the USB into the front of the computer and the sync cable into the labelled controller box on the DK2 cable. You can then plug the DK2 into the computer using the USB and HDMI ports on the top of the computer.

The below picture shows how the cables should be plugged into the computer.

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